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        Updated September 2005

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A reversing advertisement challenge (november 2004) 

  • [source2.htm]: Searching and understanding an image without knowing its name and purpose
    "The chick on the river", an autumnal, small, "image searching" assignement!
    by G. Bidwell and fravia+
    Images finding on the web as art and passion.
    There are *many* hints in the image itself, will they be enough?
    Part of the finding images section and of the antiadvertisement section.

  • And some more (easier) advertisement debunking images, related to source2.htm.
    1) carocolo.htm: "What do we sell?"   An easy one.
    2) revenge.htm: "The head of the crab"   Moderately hard.
    3) quietharbour.htm: "The quiet harbour"  "Harder" one.

    A potpourri of images (September 2005) 

    I don't think that any comment is necessary among reversers. The following three examples are about creative debunking of graphs.

    Petit image

    Petit image

    Petit image

    The following example is about reversing known advertisements for public health.

    Petit image

    The following one has been many years on my "to do" page...

    Petit image

    Where to find the images 

    A database and a search engine for advertisements, completely free, you may enlarge (and copy) any image, watch any ad-spot.
    Advertisements from Austria to Zimbabwe. Very useful for for advertisement reversing.

    And now work on your own and contribute!
    Petit image
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