~ Things you may do ~
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~ Things you may do ~

Well, having reached this Adventuring further alone section of my site you are probably leaving soon. Farewell, dear readers, hope you enjoyed the ride. You may have found something interesting perusing the pages I have assembled, gathered something useful for your further roaming, collected something you wont forget when searching the deep web. Come to think of that, you may have thought 'Man, I should really contribute, only I don't know how...'

Here below some hints have been listed. Most of them are just attempts, draft essays that were never finished, small rough scripts that could have been developed into something interesting, sketchy ideas, or messagebaords' threads that badly need collating and organising.
Should you have an afternoon free, or an evening for yourself, and should you feel like contributing for the sake of it... try your hand at them. Contribute and help us create a knowledge sharing treasure!
Note that the following hints are based on a pre-selection I have made and that you should and can, by all means, write essays on whatever argument or thema you feel like. I just wanted to gather here a small 'to do list' of all things I never had the time to take care of myself... and if you are not quick enough I'll probably soon or later write about these subjects myself :-)

The Parfume scam (a sketchy draft by fravia+)
Petit image    For the antiadvertisement section,
Parfumes advertising... men are already hopeless zapping in the advertsiers' net... should kids buy colored smelly water 'targeted' for kids?
  • billions in parfume advertisement (a big industry needs a big scam)
  • It's just colored water, isn't it? (the return of the status symbol crap)
  • compare budgets for parfume consumption and budget for hunger / famine / literacy (cheap ethical stats)
  • tricks and colors used in parfume advertising (you need to smell better and more pinky)
  • the 'sensual' form of the bottles (you prefer a metal-prick or a glass-vagina?)
  • what are they preparing next? (Gorgonzola shampoos? Wodka soaps?)

C'mon, leechers, do contribute!

Petit image          A new section of searchlores (see images.htm) will/should open
as soon as our most attentive readers' contributions will arrive.

a lot to add... soon or later
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