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(Courtesy of fravia's searchlore.org)

Searching and understanding Advertisement,
"The quiet harbour",
an advertisement debunking assignment

by G. Bidwell and fravia+

Part of the finding images section and of the antiadvertisement section.

published @ searchlores in December 2004, Version 1, december 2004

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This is part of a workshop that I made, together with Bidwell, in a french university some weeks ago.
(Images finding on the web as art and passion ~ Advertisement debunking)

Can you find/guess/infere the advertisement below? What is it, what does it mean?
As Bidwell pointed out to me, there are enough data IN THE IMAGE ITSELF to allow seekers to solve the assignment, i. e. finding what this is about, even without finding the advertisement itself, which is probably true, comet to think of it, though such statements are always easy... once you have gained knowledge ex post.

I beg those (hopefully very few) among our readers that should happen to already, fortuitously, KNOW where this advertisement comes from and what exactly it represents: please *refrain* from hinting or publishing the solution on our messageboard and try to solve instead, for instance, our previous "sommertime" images searching challenge... (until now still unsolved).

The declared purpose of this image 'assignment' (part of a recent "advertisement debunking" workshop of mine) is to test viewers' ability to "debunk" images, which is in itself a useful skill in our "images bombarded" society.

So what's in this image? Why should they have done it? What does it represent, which 'levers' is it supposed to move in the subconscious of the viewer? Answering these questions will make it easy to understand where the image may come from. And what it should mean, and what probably it has been used for...

The image is ORIGINAL and has NOT been edited nor modified, nor alterated in any way... just scaled and cropped by me, and not too much: just a little (~ 2-3 cm) *below*, and no cropping at all elsewhere.

The image

quietharbour, find this if you can :-)

Petit image

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