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Welcome to the classroom. Or rather the classrooms This is a range of "searching workshops", in fieri and chaotic. You are invited to follow the various paths proposed here and/or to contribute yourself with your own suggestions, critics, further developments, advices... whatever you can offer (or solve :-) will be welcome and useful.
The work made by those that have visited the classroom may - one far far away day - be synthetized and transformed into full-fledged essays, which will be then published elsewhere. Check also the
[Assesment rules] Work well.
Cat burglers in the museum after dark by Humphrey P.
The subtle art of leeching by nn
The Zen of porn-images searching, Part 1: Redheaded goddesses by Giglio
Spelunking altavista's acronyms by Humphrey P., Gregor Samsa & Co.
[hump_32.htm]: Worms, angles and search engines quirks (Advanced seeker feeling), by Humphrey P.
Advanced, also part of the [Lab 1]
[dark_rid.htm]: books & books & dark riders by AAVV part of the [classrooms]
Good seekers ride into the night, their magical pouches glowing dim, seeking knowledge and forbidden books
[Seventh] (allow complete loading)
A sound quest
In June 2002 I published A musical riddle for the sommer, that you will be able to hear if you wait for it to load [here]. Our fellow seekers went out of their way in order to solve it. Many sound and music search tricks lurk in these threads, for the patient readers that will adventure inside :-)
And this has been all condensed in a single, fantastic essay!

[909Essay.htm]: Elusive angles: dark 909 - light z404 search ~ ("I have a couple of searches myself that I've begun maybe 2 years ago. One of them I was able to complete in one hour or so when I resumed it after the 909 ordeal:)"
by ~S~ vvf and ~S~ Jeff, part of the [Essays]. Wizard searching!

of course this is still in fieri...

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