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books & books & dark riders
by Various Authors Mai 2002
edited by fravia+

There is so much to learn in this classroom that you'll have to invest some time in it, gentle leecher, but that time will be well spent. Your searching techniques will considerably improve. Learn from the good ~seekers~ that have published this on one of our [messageboards].
As erom wrote, the results of many searches are "either honeypots or gruyere", yet in both case quite instructive, as you will see ;-)
Dark riders. Leaving the paths everybody else has trotted upon to find knowledge gems shining in the dark dark web. Using ad hoc formulae, stratagems, tricks, our brains, to defeat any obstacle we may encounter en route. And we do find what we want to find, oh boy, we do!

erom's famous formel: +"Index of /" +"/book" +"zip" +"last modified"
loki's raging magic: big query AND tolkien
Jeff's stone for breaking mirrors: site:www.twinkle.ws tolkien

erom's famous formel
(with some photos of the 11 september aftermaths and a mine for netbusses)

+"Index of /" +"/book" +"zip" +"last modified"
i usually add a +"ps.gz" there are still good stuff in ps, for computer stuff i add +"cisco" which filters quite efficently.
Adding a +".edu" or +".mil" also filter nicely (or with :inurl)
http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&ie=utf-8&oe=utf- 8&q=%2B%22Index+of+%2F%22++%2B%22last+modified%22+%2Binurl%3A%22edu%22++%2B%22100%22+%2B%22110%22+%2B%22121%22+%2B%22jpg%22+%2B%222002%22&btnG=Google+Search
add +"1M" to have the chance to find galleries with hires pictures.
Lotta pictures of the 11 september attacks, never seen before
i don't really understand what they do with this 'folder' but pictures change often. some are deleted (like were some post-crashboom ones) to be put again (for example just after the pentagon crash controversy). nice hires propaganda ;)
+"Index of /" +"/book/" @ www.gigablast.com
gigablast returns fun stuff ... just nmap some of the first machines, it's either honeypots or gruyere
12345/tcp open NetBus
12346/tcp open NetBus
31337/tcp open Elite
54320/tcp open bo2k
but as the machine is made of pingwins i doubt netbus and bo2k are efficient ;)
méchant gougle '(and any subsequent words) was ignored because we limit queries to 10 words'

erom's military spelunking
(tiffs galore)

some 20 megs tiffs ..
movies from 1897-1920
"Managing Production Metadata Without a Management System"
i just have to hunt down where to dl the realmedia files ;)
from there
found here

hasco's addition
(more military maps)

just passing by.. saw military stuff.. wanna play too :)
some huge data files, DTED, Vmap
when i say huge, it IS huge. See this DTED (Digital Terrain Elevation Data) file : /ftpdir/dted0/ddworldbsq.bsq
geeesh, i don't really understand what i'm fishing.
is this really public ?
Maybe this specs would help :
Geospatial Standards and Specifications
What is DTED? Some explanations:
What is DTED?
Digital Terrain Elevation Data (DTED) is an elevation database distributed by NIMA (http://www.nima.mil). The OpenMap DTEDLayer(http://openmap.bbn.com/ doc/api/com/bbn/openmap/layer/dted/DTEDLayer.html) can create terrain renderings for DTED levels 0 (elevations are 1 km apart), 1 (100 meters apart), and 2 (10 meters apart).
Can OpenMap display DCW, VMAP, VPF?
Yes, we have an OpenMap layer that can display this data. The VPFLayer javadoc (http://openmap.bbn.com/doc/api/ com/bbn/openmap/layer/vpf/VPFLayer.html) includes a description of the various openmap.properties you need to set to select data for display.
oh.. i almost forgot. i've fished a (again huge) map gem. this time i'm sure, it is free and -open- stuff :
Major Military Installations (14.313 MB JPEG)

SaF's question
(dark google's cache)

This search:
http://www.google.com/ search?hl=en&q=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.twinkle.ws%2Freading%2Funsorted%2Fmirror4%2F&btnG=Google+Search
Gives you a link which when clicked on puts you to a mirror of an online library.
Looking at googles' cache gives something more interesting...lots of goodies.
Now using web.archive.org for different dates gives interesting things at:
different dates give different content but *not* what the cache shows...plus you can't get at them :-(
s Any ideas how to get at these?
A lateral step: Jeff's funny 404: http://www.twinkle.ws/reading/ Applied%20Cryptography,%20Second%20Edition:%20Protocols,%20Algorithms,%20and%20Source%20Code%20in%20C/

loki's magical big raging query
(books and books)

a big ragin' query to find fastly ebooks