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Approach & Assessment
Course prerequisites
Programming experience: You will be asked to use a number of different programming languages and applications in your projects. It is unlikely that you will have had direct experience with many of these tools. While you will be supported in learning these new tools, I assume a level of programming experience roughly equivalent to that of any average PC-buff. English skills: The aim of the assessment is to measure the depth of your understanding of the course topics and the originality of your thought, developments and additions. I do not care about the presentation, spelling, or grammar of the written work that you do except when it makes your message unclear, imprecise, or ambiguous. I will slightly edit your contributions if needs be, but you will always get full recognition for your work, and you will always have the possibility to comments my comments (and so on :-)
Please use a WORKING email address and pseudo, so that readers will be able to contact you directly with specific questions. I'm not going to push emails around.
Project / classroom grades
Each project / classroom will receive a letter grade based on the following guidelines:
These decisions will of course be taken collectively and be based on feedback as well.
How to proceed
Visit the different labs: [Lab1]  [Lab2]
Visit the different [classrooms]
Visit the [Scrolls room]
Join/prepare a project on the ad hoc [~S~ Seekers' msgboard] 

of course this is still in fieri...

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