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First published: end January 2008
updated: 29/Jan/2008

Image searching, a short challenge for the cold February 2008
by fravia+
Introduction (de imaginum inveniendis artis)
The image you are supposed to individuate

De imaginum inveniendis artis 

My impression is that the fine art of images finding deserves some (many?) more explanations and efforts.
Our essays and "challenges" (you'll be able to find quite a lot of useful texts in the images section) are, if I'm not mistaken, among the most cited examples of the useful techniques seekers have devised in order to find out images "out of the blue" (i.e. images whose author, period, schola, affiliation, and even whose very name is unknown).
The small "challenges" and "riddles" that we have published throughout all these years have given us (me too, and how!) wondrous jewels-advice, allowing us to glimpse and understand searching techniques that have proved very often quite useful for all kind of web searches, images-unrelated as well.

The known RULES apply for this challenge too:
  1. A very tiny part of readers will ALREDAY KNOW or have seen the image pp_002.jpeg, published below, that you'r supposed to find out about. This is impossible to avoid on our web of planet-citiziens. These readers should NOT contribute to the hunt on the messageboard: no hints please, nothing: keep mum. These readers might instead search and individuate the OTHER image (images_searching_09.jpg) that you'll find above.
  2. The image pp_002.jpeg, published below, that you'r supposed to find out about, exist on the web (I checked and found different sites with it).
  3. The image pp_002.jpeg, published below, has been cropped on the right side (the signature of the painter was there), one wonders what the two ladies are looking at...
  4. A simple approach would be, while sipping a nice glass of wine, to guess the time frame first, then individuate the possible geographic areas... but you do know already how to proceed when searching images, don't you?
  5. This should be a relatively "easy" challenge, where even unwashed searchers could compete (some hints are already scattered around).
  6. All hints/suggestions/discussions/pointers should be published on the Seekers' messageboard, in fact a co-operative approach usually guarantees a speedy solution to these searching "riddles".

The image you are supposed to individuate

A nice 
 image challenge for this cold February 2008

Petit image

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