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"...That's an helluya tool, Robin!"
certified seeker's tool
Certified seekers' weapon

Quick forms 
 "Da biggest index of them all"
 100 results, safe off
link: site: intitle: inurl:    (only Russia: add to string &as_sitesearch=.ru)
  Use the sliders! e.g. {frsh=86} {popl=13} {mtch=80}  
   link: site: intitle: inurl: (only Brasil: add to query loc:br)
 100 results, safe off
link: site: intitle: inurl: url: hostname:    (only China: add to string &vc=countryCN)
ex-teoma (inktomi type)
site: intitle: inurl:    (only India: add to string &dm=adv&advc=in)
Quite good! (use its .. operator)
link: site: title: url: ip:    .. (advanced searching is not the same as advanced .. searching)
50 results. Wondrous NEAR!
      (only Vietnam: add to string &swd=.vn)
Exalead! (refine, refine & then refine)
Exalead supports regular expression patterns, introduced by a slash ('/'). E.g.: /(mpg(1|2|3|4)?)|avi|rm./
You can personalize it
  fastsearching for:   100 results
A "vertical" search engine
Check wikiseek
the ALPHA & OMEGA of searching
Ubuntu Forums, when you need help (e.g.: "no cursor")

= advanced; T = tools; visit the main search engines page.
Learning the advanced specs and operators of a few major search engines (not only google's),
knowing their commands and specific features,
will improve your chances to fetch relevant information when seeking the web.

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