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Searching the web and searching images in the aera of copyright terror
How to find everything and then some

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Version 00.05, 19 Mai 2004
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Copyright: where are the laws?   
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An example: Botticelli's Venus   


Please excuse my english, it is not my mother tongue.
I am happy to be here again, once more.
Some among you may have attended my previous lectures, here at Ravensbourne. Today I will --nevertheless-- recall at least some of the basic concept of "power" searching, for those that are "new" to this and for those that may not realize (yet) what kind of COSMIC POWER represents being able to search effectively the web.
I am not kidding.
Look! The knowledge of the human race is at your disposal, albeit buried under tons of commercial crap. It's there for the take! Every book, image, film, document, newspaper that has been written, painted, created by the human race is out there somewhere, with some exceptions that confirm the rule.

Once you learn how to search the web, how to find what you are looking for, how to evaluate the results of your queries, you'll de facto be as different from the rest of the human beings as cro-magnon and neanderthal are. "The rest of the hman beings", you know, those guys that happily use microsoft explorer, enjoy flash presentations, browse among pop up windows, surf without proxies and smear all their personal data around.

I am confident that many among you will gain, at the end of this lecture, either a good understanding of some effective web-searching techniques or at least, which amounts to the same in my eyes, the capacity to FIND quickly on the web the knowledge related to effective web-searching techniques :-)

If you learn how to search, the global knowledge of the human race is at your disposal

Two words of warning, no three:

1) Some of the knowledge that I'll present today may sound questionable in the ears of the most copyright conscious corrupt politicians of ours. C'est la vie. They battle to hoard knowledge, I battle to spread it.

2) Contrary to the following good tip: USE ALWAYS MORE THAN ONE MAIN SEARCH ENGINE, or also, with a different formulation HEY, STUPID, GOOGLE IS NOT THE ONLY SEARCH ENGINE, I'll actually indeed use mostly google for my examples to-day. This is due to the fact that google has a CACHE, important to visit disappeared sites: in fact whenever you operate a search on the web you create a sort of "schroedinger" effect, "searching waves" that may modify the next identical search. Thus a search prepared on friday can be, after the weekend, as dead inside the box, as Schroedinger's famous cat :-)
But this does not mean that you should use always and only google.

3) We'll see different aspect of searching today: how to search for mp3s, how to search for images, even how to search for laws, books, newspapers... but this will show you just the tip of the iceberg. Should you find this stuff interesting be warned: a high mountain of knowledge awaits you, the peak beyond the clouds. I'll just show you where the path begins.

Misspelling and noise avoiding when searching 

These are all lusers' misspellings for Britney, I wont even list the variations of Spears...

To understand what "noise" is, and what for a damage the spammers and commercial idiot cause on the web, let's just search for one of the minor variations: briattany spears

488941 britney spears
 40134 brittany spears
 36315 brittney spears
 24342 britany spears
  7331 britny spears
  6633 briteny spears
  2696 britteny spears
  1807 briney spears
  1635 brittny spears
  1479 brintey spears
  1479 britanny spears
  1338 britiny spears
  1211 britnet spears
  1096 britiney spears
   991 britaney spears
   991 britnay spears
   811 brithney spears
   811 brtiney spears
   664 birtney spears
   664 brintney spears
   664 briteney spears
   601 bitney spears
   601 brinty spears
   544 brittaney spears
   544 brittnay spears
   364 britey spears
   364 brittiny spears
   329 brtney spears
   269 bretney spears
   269 britneys spears
   244 britne spears
   244 brytney spears
   220 breatney spears
   220 britiany spears
   199 britnney spears
   163 britnry spears
   147 breatny spears
   147 brittiney spears
   147 britty spears
   147 brotney spears
   147 brutney spears
   133 britteney spears
   133 briyney spears
   121 bittany spears
   121 bridney spears
   121 britainy spears
   121 britmey spears
   109 brietney spears
   109 brithny spears
   109 britni spears
   109 brittant spears
    98 bittney spears
    98 brithey spears
    98 brittiany spears
    98 btitney spears
    89 brietny spears
    89 brinety spears
    89 brintny spears
    89 britnie spears
    89 brittey spears
    89 brittnet spears
    89 brity spears
    89 ritney spears
    80 bretny spears
    80 britnany spears
    73 brinteny spears
    73 brittainy spears
    73 pritney spears
    66 brintany spears
    66 britnery spears
    59 briitney spears
    59 britinay spears
    54 britneay spears
    54 britner spears
    54 britney's spears
    54 britnye spears
    54 britt spears
    54 brttany spears
    48 bitany spears
    48 briny spears
    48 brirney spears
    48 britant spears
    48 britnety spears
    48 brittanny spears
    48 brttney spears
    44 birttany spears
    44 brittani spears
    44 brityney spears
    44 brtitney spears
    39 brienty spears
    39 brritney spears
    36 bbritney spears
    36 briitany spears
    36 britanney spears
    36 briterny spears
    36 britneey spears
    36 britnei spears
    36 britniy spears
    32 britbey spears
    32 britneu spears
    29 britent spears
    29 brittnany spears
    29 britttany spears
    29 btiney spears
    26 birttney spears
    26 breitney spears
    26 brinity spears
    26 britenay spears
    26 britneyt spears
    26 brittan spears
    26 brittne spears
    26 btittany spears
    24 beitney spears
    24 birteny spears
    24 brightney spears
    24 brintiny spears
    24 britanty spears
    24 britenny spears
    24 britini spears
    24 britnwy spears
    24 brittni spears
    24 brittnie spears
    21 biritney spears
    21 birtany spears
    21 biteny spears
    21 bratney spears
    21 britani spears
    21 britanie spears
    21 briteany spears
    21 brittay spears
    21 brittinay spears
    21 brtany spears
    21 brtiany spears
    19 birney spears
    19 brirtney spears
    19 britnaey spears
    19 britnee spears
    19 britony spears
    19 brittanty spears
    19 britttney spears
    17 birtny spears
    17 brieny spears
    17 brintty spears
    17 brithy spears
    17 brittanie spears
    15 brinney spears
    15 briten spears
    15 briterney spears
    15 britheny spears
    15 britneny spears
    15 brittamy spears
    15 brittmey spears
    15 brytnei spears
    15 btirney spears
    15 rittney spears
    14 brinet spears
    14 britneyy spears
    14 britten spears
    12 beritney spears
    12 bretiny spears
    12 briatny spears
    12 brieney spears
    12 brinany spears
    12 britaany spears
    12 britan spears
    12 britine spears
    12 britnea spears
    12 britnes spears
    12 britnez spears
    12 britnny spears
    12 brittenay spears
    12 brittneys spears
    12 brittony spears
    12 brteny spears
    12 btitany spears
    12 btittney spears
    12 btriney spears
    12 btritney spears
    12 rittany spears
    11 braitney spears
    11 brettney spears
    11 britamy spears
    11 britery spears
    11 britnary spears
    11 brittent spears
    11 bruttney spears
    11 pritny spears
    10 bitaney spears
    10 brenty spears
    10 bristney spears
    10 britay spears
    10 britinny spears
    10 brittaany spears
    10 brittanys spears
    10 brittini spears
    10 brittniy spears
    10 brtieny spears
    10 brutany spears
     9 bitteny spears
     9 brinttany spears
     9 britanay spears
     9 britinany spears
     9 britn spears
     9 britnew spears
     9 britneyn spears
     9 britrney spears
     9 brtiny spears
     9 brtittney spears
     9 brtny spears
     9 brytny spears
     9 rbitney spears
     8 birtiny spears
     8 bithney spears
     8 brattany spears
     8 breitny spears
     8 breteny spears
     8 brightny spears
     8 brintay spears
     8 brinttey spears
     8 briotney spears
     8 britanys spears
     8 britley spears
     8 britneyb spears
     8 britnrey spears
     8 britnty spears
     8 brittner spears
     8 brottany spears
     7 baritney spears
     7 birntey spears
     7 biteney spears
     7 bitiny spears
     7 breateny spears
     7 brianty spears
     7 brintye spears
     7 britianny spears
     7 britly spears
     7 britnej spears
     7 britneyu spears
     7 britniey spears
     7 britnnay spears
     7 brittian spears
     7 briyny spears
     7 brrittany spears
     7 brttiney spears
     7 btiteny spears
     7 btrittany spears
     6 beritny spears
     6 bhritney spears
     6 birthney spears
     6 breathney spears
     6 breaty spears
     6 bretany spears
     6 briatany spears
     6 brint spears
     6 britenney spears
     6 britian spears
     6 britinty spears
     6 brititney spears
     6 britnsy spears
     6 britrey spears
     6 britsny spears
     6 brittine spears
     6 brittnry spears
     6 brittsny spears
     6 brtanny spears
     6 brtittany spears
     6 bruttany spears
     6 brytany spears
     6 btitny spears
     6 pretny spears
     6 ritany spears
     5 bbritany spears
     5 bbrittney spears
     5 biitney spears
     5 bitny spears
     5 breathny spears
     5 breney spears
     5 brethney spears
     5 brettny spears
     5 bridny spears
     5 brigney spears
     5 briittney spears
     5 brinaty spears
     5 brinay spears
     5 brinetty spears
     5 brinitty spears
     5 brinny spears
     5 brintery spears
     5 britary spears
     5 britbney spears
     5 brithany spears
     5 britieny spears
     5 britiey spears
     5 britnt spears
     5 britnys spears
     5 britrny spears
     5 brittenny spears
     5 brittnee spears
     5 brittnt spears
     5 brney spears
     5 broitney spears
     5 brotny spears
     5 bruteny spears
     5 btiyney spears
     5 btrittney spears
     5 gritney spears
     5 spritney spears
     4 bittny spears
     4 bnritney spears
     4 brandy spears
     4 brbritney spears
     4 breatiny spears
     4 breetney spears
     4 bretiney spears
     4 brfitney spears
     4 briattany spears
     4 brieteny spears
     4 briety spears
     4 briitny spears
     4 briittany spears
     4 brinie spears
     4 brinteney spears
     4 brintne spears
     4 britaby spears
     4 britaey spears
     4 britainey spears
     4 britinie spears
     4 britinney spears
     4 britmney spears
     4 britnear spears
     4 britnel spears
     4 britneuy spears
     4 britnewy spears
     4 britnmey spears
     4 brittaby spears
     4 brittery spears
     4 britthey spears
     4 brittnaey spears
     4 brittnat spears
     4 brittneny spears
     4 brittnye spears
     4 brittteny spears
     4 briutney spears
     4 briyeny spears
     4 brnity spears
     4 brtteny spears
     4 brttiany spears
     4 bryney spears
     4 brythney spears
     4 brytne spears
     4 brytni spears
     4 brytnie spears
     4 bvritney spears
     4 dritney spears
     4 priteny spears
     3 beittany spears
     3 bichney spears
     3 biritny spears
     3 birnety spears
     3 birny spears
     3 birteney spears
     3 birthny spears
     3 birtiney spears
     3 birtteny spears
     3 birttny spears
     3 bitanny spears
     3 bitheay spears
     3 bithey spears
     3 bitrney spears
     3 breinty spears
     3 brethny spears
     3 bretne spears
     3 bretniy spears
     3 brettine spears
     3 brighty spears
     3 brihney spears
     3 brihtney spears
     3 briiney spears
     3 briitnay spears
     3 brineny spears
     3 brinte spears
     3 brintiney spears
     3 brintneey spears
     3 brinttney spears
     3 brirany spears
     3 brirtny spears
     3 brisney spears
     3 britainny spears
     3 britaniy spears
     3 britanu spears
     3 britanyy spears
     3 britatny spears
     3 britdney spears
     3 britemy spears
     3 britenty spears
     3 brither spears
     3 brithne spears
     3 brititany spears
     3 brititny spears
     3 britiy spears
     3 britmeny spears
     3 britneeey spears
     3 britnehy spears
     3 britnely spears
     3 britnesy spears
     3 britnetty spears
     3 britnex spears
     3 britneyxxx spears
     3 britnity spears
     3 britntey spears
     3 britnyey spears
     3 britterny spears
     3 brittneey spears
     3 brittnney spears
     3 brittnyey spears
     3 brityen spears
     3 briytney spears
     3 brltney spears
     3 broteny spears
     3 brtaney spears
     3 brtiiany spears
     3 brtinay spears
     3 brtinney spears
     3 brtitany spears
     3 brtiteny spears
     3 brtnet spears
     3 brytiny spears
     3 btney spears
     3 drittney spears
     3 pretney spears
     3 rbritney spears
     2 barittany spears
     2 bbbritney spears
     2 bbitney spears
     2 bbritny spears
     2 bbrittany spears
     2 beitany spears
     2 beitny spears
     2 bertney spears
     2 bertny spears
     2 betney spears
     2 betny spears
     2 bhriney spears
     2 biney spears
     2 bintey spears
     2 biretny spears
     2 biritany spears
     2 birittany spears
     2 birittny spears
     2 birnty spears
     2 birtey spears
     2 birtheny spears
     2 birtieny spears
     2 birtnay spears
     2 birtnet spears
     2 bitnet spears
     2 bitttany spears
     2 bnrittany spears
     2 bntney spears
     2 bpitney spears
     2 brandi spears
     2 brattney spears
     2 breanty spears
     2 breany spears
     2 breittany spears
     2 brently spears
     2 brentney spears
     2 brethany spears
     2 brethine spears
     2 bretnty spears
     2 bretty spears
     2 brianey spears
     2 briatney spears
     2 brickney spears
     2 bridnea spears
     2 brieatney spears
     2 brientny spears
     2 brietnet spears
     2 briettny spears
     2 briey spears
     2 brighney spears
     2 brigtney spears
     2 brigtny spears
     2 briiny spears
     2 brindey spears
     2 brindy spears
     2 bringney spears
     2 brininy spears
     2 brinitey spears
     2 brinsley spears
     2 brinthey spears
     2 brinthy spears
     2 brintiy spears
     2 brintneys spears
     2 brintry spears
     2 brinyey spears
     2 briottany spears
     2 brirrany spears
     2 brirreny spears
     2 brirtany spears
     2 brirttany spears
     2 brirttney spears
     2 britain spears
     2 britane spears
     2 britaneny spears
     2 britania spears
     2 britann spears
     2 britanna spears
     2 britannie spears
     2 britannt spears
     2 britannu spears
     2 britanyl spears
     2 britanyt spears
     2 briteeny spears
     2 britenany spears
     2 britenet spears
     2 briteniy spears
     2 britenys spears
     2 britianey spears
     2 britin spears
     2 britinary spears
     2 britmy spears
     2 britnaney spears
     2 britnat spears
     2 britnbey spears
     2 britndy spears
     2 britneh spears
     2 britneney spears
     2 britney6 spears
     2 britneye spears
     2 britneyh spears
     2 britneym spears
     2 britneyyy spears
     2 britnhey spears
     2 britnjey spears
     2 britnne spears
     2 britnu spears
     2 britoney spears
     2 britrany spears
     2 britreny spears
     2 britry spears
     2 britsany spears
     2 brittanay spears
     2 brittang spears
     2 brittans spears
     2 brittanyh spears
     2 brittanyn spears
     2 brittany's spears
     2 brittanyt spears
     2 brittanyy spears
     2 brittary spears
     2 brittenie spears
     2 brittenty spears
     2 brittinney spears
     2 brittley spears
     2 brittn spears
     2 brittnery spears
     2 brittnety spears
     2 brittney's spears
     2 brittneyu spears
     2 brittnsey spears
     2 britttaney spears
     2 britttny spears
     2 brittyney spears
     2 brityne spears
     2 briyany spears
     2 brlttney spears
     2 brotaney spears
     2 brotany spears
     2 brottney spears
     2 brriney spears
     2 brrittney spears
     2 brrtney spears
     2 brthney spears
     2 brtianny spears
     2 brtineys spears
     2 brtittny spears
     2 brttiny spears
     2 brtttany spears
     2 brydney spears
     2 brynty spears
     2 brythey spears
     2 bryttney spears
     2 btiany spears
     2 btirtney spears
     2 btitiney spears
     2 btittny spears
     2 btritany spears
     2 buttney spears
     2 grittney spears
     2 prietny spears
     2 pritany spears
     2 prittany spears


http://webdev.archive.org/ ~ The 'Wayback' machine, explore the Net as it was!

Visit The 'Wayback' machine at Alexa, or try your luck with the form below.

Alternatively learn how to navigate through [Google's cache]!


(http://www.netcraft.com/ ~ Explore 15,049,382 web sites)

VERY useful: you find a lot of sites based on their own name and then, as an added commodity, you also discover immediately what are they running on... verbum sapienti sat est eheh, I mean... a word to the wise is enough...
Search Tips
Example: site contains [searchengi] (a thousand sites eh!)

MP3 and destream 


Everywhere you look these days, somebody is making an announcement about MP3. "Illegal" MP3s are posted on the web, spiffy new MP3 players pack hours of music into a box the size and weight of a cigarette pack. All those headlines are no mean feat, given that this is a music format -a way to move music from place to place. That makes MP3 first cousins to the CD, LP and the good 'ol 8 Track tape. Except, of course, that you can't attach an 8 Track tape to an e-mail.

Of course, you can attach an MP3 to an e-mail. It's MP3's outstanding combination of audio fidelity (an MP3 played on a PC can sound almost indistinguishable from a the same track played from a CD) and portability, that makes the MP3 so popular on the web and tons of desktops. The MP3 format takes huge amounts of audio data and squeezes it down so that a typical 4 minute tune -which takes up 40 MB (Megabytes) or more on an audio CD- only takes up 4MB or so on your hard drive.

So, I imagine you want to know HOW do you find mp3 on the web? Say some music from Dylan (I am old, ya know?)
Well the answer is of course NOT to use arrows like mp3 or, say, dylan mp3 music, which will only sink you in the commercial morasses.
Even the old good arrow +"index of" +mP3 +dylan has been broken by the commercial pests, and even the -".com" suffix wont help.

But we have MORE arrows :-)
"index +of" "last Modified" "size" dylan mp3 let's try it :-)

Quod erat demonstrandum: The web was made to SHARE, not to hoard.

Copyright: where are the laws (and how can we find them) 

Let's imagine for a moment that we know nothing about copyright, notwithstanding the fact that this would be a VERY dangerous ignorance nowadays: behind the term copyright you'll in fact find the ugly head of the PATENTS system, where the economical powers that be preserve --against each one of you -- their powers that be, stiffing innovation and killing more intelligent alternatives... software patents "protect" ideas making them a creative wasteland for many years. Apple, for example holds a patent on a "virtual wastepaper basket" enough... more on this by Richard and Cory this afternoon.

But here we just want to feel the cosmic power of searching.
"Copyright" is just a possible arrow.
So. Let's imagine we want hic et nunc find out what are the laws in matters of copyright in this place.
Well let me see: we are of course in the European Union, hence a first very simple arrow would be copyright EU "OJ C", since EU-laws, as you should know, supersede any national law. So the REAL laws about copyright are for Ravensbourne not the UK ones, but the EU-ones, which supersede UK ones (in general a very good thing, even if this could shock the most rabid anti-europeans among my public).

Anyway, once we use the arrow above, we quickly discover that there is a fairly recent "Common Position (EC) No 48/2000 of 28 September 2000 ... on the harmonisation of certain aspects of copyright and related rights in the information society 2000/C 344".

The funny thing is that all EU-legislation is on line, in all EU-languages and ready to be consulted (if you know how to access it):

Also it could be useful, for all civil society and "grass root" organisations, to be able to check any EU-Official Journal, in any (EU) language 'on the fly' using the following (powerful) mask: let's just input 2000c344

Fetch a OJ on the fly!  ("l" or "c")
(Build a string like 2000c134, 2001l167 * or 2003l138**)
   string → 
(Leading zeroes MUST be manually added, build long string, kinda 2001l067)

This tool is INCREDIBLY USEFUL for gathering foreign language arrows that you can use when searching regional :-)
*) 2001l167: Directive 2001/29/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 May 2001 on the harmonisation of certain aspects of copyright and related rights (droit d'auteur et droits voisins -- derechos de autor y derechos afines -- Urheberrecht und verwandten Schutzrechte) in the information society
**)2003l138: Council Regulation (EC) No 960/2003 of 2 June 2003 imposing a definitive countervailing duty (droit compensateur définitif -- derecho compensatorio definitivo -- endgültigen Ausgleichszolls) on imports of recordable compact disks originating in India

Glorious moldovasky universitasky   Now that we know that there are (and will grow more and more) harsh --if stupid and nonsensical-- laws against copyrights violations, since we respect any law as silly as it may be, we will switch to the Technical University of Moldova, a nice ex-soviet Republic where, afaikj, there is the competitive advantage that there are no laws against copyrights violation. (See "INTERNATIONAL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ALLIANCE 2004 SPECIAL 301 REPORT SPECIAL MENTION REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVA", where the copyright robber barons complain that Moldova behaves badly for their wallets).

Everything I may say during this lecture that seems to violate copyrights laws is just thought as educational help for librarians and sudents of the Technical University of Moldova. They may need images, books, software and music... yet they may do not have the money to pay for it, poor souls. Note that you could need this information as well, should you ever apply for a MBA in Moldova, so do not underestimate it.
For Moldova it is (at the moment) still legal to break copyright conventions and jokes, so let's see what we could (or would) do if we were in Moldova, something that we would --of course, la va sans dire, selbstverständlich -- never never do under the harsh copyright dictatures where we are compelled to live.

I may add that the Technical University of Moldova has at least, indeed, the merit to exist (and I feel that I owe them some lectures and workshops, since I have used their alma for copyright bypassing examples :-)Yet there are many NON EXISTING universities. If you want to make some money on the web, you may (inter alia) create ex novo a totally bogus university, with nice name, seals, imaginare list of professors, professional website, adequate fees for entrance and whatsnot, and offer MBAs for money. As many people do. The web is full of gullible morons, and the world is full of administrative idiots that would trust such MBAs. ("Distance Online MBA Certification for who (sic) are studing a MBA or for who already did (sic) a MBA")

Btw, you can buy equally bogus, but more "literate" and "apparently sound" MBAs for 150 euro. You'll find them aplenty if you use arrows like this one.
Since we live in societies where frills count and substance is irrelevant, buying such an MBA could even be useful :-)

MMC versus SD 

This section is not ready, Will systematize if I find the time. Main point: the battle multi media cards MMC versus secure digital SD memory cards (for PDAs and MP3 players) there's no real need to fall into the trick "use secure digital coz it is better and mmc is obsolete and discontinued", because there ARE mmc cards up to 512 (cheaper than SD) and they have NOT the copyright masters' chains built inside.

Hitachi 512MB MMC High Speed Multimedia Card

512MB capacity. Highest capacity of any MMC card on the market today. 
Dimensions: Conforms with MultiMediaCard standard 7-pin. 
Interface: Conforms with MultiMediaCard standard 20MHz Serial Bus MMC/SPI mode selectable. 
Low Power: 2.7V to 3.6V Operating Range, 27/23mA Write/Read Current, .04mA sleep. 
Read Speed: sustained: 13.7 Mbits/s (multi-block read) / burst (one block): 20 Mbit/s 
Write Speed: sustained: 3.2 Mbits/s (multi-block write to pre-erased sectors)
burst (one block): 20 Mbit/s

Up to 10 stacked card (at 20 MHz, Vcc=2.7 to 3.6V) 
Access time: 256 µs (max) (at 20 MHz, Vcc=2.7 to 3.6V, random byte access (Typical
case without BCC error correction)) 
Low Power Dissipation 
High Speed: 80 mW (max) (at 20 MHz, Vcc=2.7 V) 
Power save: 0.1 mW (max) (at 0 Hz, Vcc=2.7 V (in stby state))


MMC 512 MB -Markenware-	124,99EUR	
 Versandfertig in 24 Stunden 	

Für eine grössere Darstellung
klicken Sie auf das Bild. 	

extrem kleines, schnelles Wechselspeichermedium 
beliebig oft beschreib- und löschbar 
Schutz gegen unbeabsichtigtes Überschreiben der Daten 
geeignet für Endgeräte mit SD-Steckplatz 
getestete Marken Qualität 
Maße: 32 x 24 x 2,1 mm 
Kapazität 512 MB

HAMA MultiMedia Card
MMC 512 MB 		 103,04	 119,53	 -0,93

xtreMemory FL-MMC/512/EM		
Preisspanne:	143.07 EUR - 207.00EUR 	

 Bild vergrößern
Durchschnitt:	175.03 EUR 	
Hersteller Link:	www.extrememory.de	
Beschreibung: MultiMediaCard 512 MB 

auf der diesjährigen CES kündigte Pretec allerdings schon die erste 1-Gigabyte-MMC an

Pretec 1GB MMC 
World’s Largest Capacity and Fastest 
Las Vegas, Nevada, January 8, 2004 – Pretec Electronics Corp., the 2
company in the world offering CompactFlash memory card (CF) card since 1995, 
is demonstrating the world’s highest capacity 1GB MultiMediaCard (MMC) with 
write speed about 300% faster than the leading brand in the market today, at 
CES Pretec Booth # 71016 here at Las Vegas Convention Center


MultiMedia Card (MMC) vs. Secure Digital (SD)

The form factor or "size and shape" of the MMC Card and the SD
Card are identical. As such they are generally interchangeable
types of flash memory. If your camera or PDA will take SD Cards,
then it is a good bet that it will take MMC Cards as well, and
vice versa.

A very common question we get asked is the difference between the
SD and MMC formats. As a rule, SD cards are slightly more
expensive than MMC cards. The question is, what do you get for the
extra money when you purchase SD?

There are 5 main differences between the two: speed, durability,
write-protection, copyright protection, and size.

Maximum transfer rates of SD are faster than that of MMC. SD has
the capacity of being 4 times as fast as MMC. Whereas MMC can
transfer data at 2.5MB per second, SD can transfer data up to 10MB
per second. These are maximum speeds and will depend on the device
utilizing the card.

The thicker casing and, apparently, changes in the design of the
cards means that the SD card is more durable and resistant to
electrostatic discharge. Having said this we have had no MMC card
failures or complaints from users regarding reliability.

SD includes a small switch on the side of the card that has two
settings: Locked and Unlocked. If you set the card to the locked
position, devices will not be able to write to the card, erase
data from the card, etc.

Copyright Protection
This is the most mysterious difference in the two media. According
to the spec sheet provided by SanDisk (one of the consortium that
developed the media), SD includes "cryptographic security for
protection of copyrighted data." Presumably, this is to prevent
people from copying information from a card (e.g., a card with
games on it) and distributing it to other people.

It appears that this copyright protection may actually consume
several 100kb of space on the card - which you cannot get back.
The amount of space lost on a card is higher for SD than for MMC,
or so it seems. Not necessarily a bonus for the consumer.

Another question that arises frequently is due to the discrepancy
between the cards "claimed" capacity and what you see when you
view it through your file manager or card reader connected to your
computer. For example, if you buy a 64MB card and look at the free
space shown, you will see that there is less space than this
available on the card.

Where did the space go?
To understand why your 64MB card has only 60.9MB of space, it is
necessary to define what we mean by a MB or megabyte.

The "dictionary" definition of MB, and that which is used by
software such as Windows Explorer is that 1 Megabyte is equal to
1,048,576 bytes. This is the case because there are 1,024 bytes in
a kilobyte and there are 1,024 kilobytes in a megabyte. Remember
that computer capacities are measured in powers of 2. A kilobyte
is 2 to the 10th power. A megabyte is 2 to the 20th power.

Manufacturers who produce storage media, however, use a different
definition of megabyte: 1 MB = 1 million bytes. It's a simpler
definition to understand, but it causes a large discrepancy when
you start talking about large numbers of megabytes.

A "64MB card" will hold only 64,000,000 bytes (not 67,108,864
bytes) worth of programs, data, etc. If you divide that by 1024
(the number of bytes in kilobyte), you find that it will hold
62,500 kilobytes. If you divide that number by 1024 (the number of
kilobytes in a megabyte), you find that the card will hold only
61MB. The two different definitions "cost" you approximately 4MB
on a "64MB card."

It is a confusing concept if you're not used to thinking of bytes,
kilobytes and megabytes being determined by powers of 2. What this
means, basically, is that if you have a 62MB file (say, a video),
it will not fit on a 64MB card.

Note that there is also a chunk of space that is taken by system
files, which amounts to around 100k on an MMC card (which is why
the 64MB card shows up as 60.9MB; you start with 61MB and subtract
about 100k). These system files seem to be much larger (more than
900k) on SD cards.

Also, remember that the discrepancy gets bigger as file sizes get
bigger. A 512MB card, will actually hold only about 488MB worth of
data, for a loss of 34MB!

The main difference we have found that is of use to our clients is
the write protect tab. If you are concerned about accidental
erasure of crucial data, SD card could very well be the way to go.      
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Languages on the web    Growth of the web, absolute increase peaks    Growth of the web, % increase slowing    Structure of the web    Short and long term seeking

Languages on the web

growth of the web * 1000

growth of the web * 1000

   Structure of the web
Structure of the web

   Short and long term seeking
Short and long term seeking

How to find your tools (Appz fishing)

Appz Fishing through serial fishing: It's relatively easy to find "uncopyrighted" material on the web, knowing how to search, even if you limit yourself to just the main search engines.

The web was made for sharing and spreading knowledge, not for hoarding and selling it. And its very international dimension will give us, for finding nice locations for our targets, similar international advantages to those that the commercial powers that be enjoy in real life, on an economic level, when they for instance shift their laundred or stolen money to the cayman islands.

Teleport pro is a very good application, that we will use as an example. Teleport Pro is an all-purpose high-speed tool for getting data from the Internet. Can spider a whole site in seconds onto your hard disk, filter files by size or type, search for keywords, and much more. It's a fantastic tool that you should by all means BUY, and I hope that the people at Teleport will pardon my using of their program as an example here thank to the gratuitous advertisement they are getting :-)
Serial fishing Let's find serialz for Teleport Pro:
Teleport pro 1.29
I wont go into the reason of using the "ua" domain as complementary arrow. Suffice to say that the Ukraine domainname "ua" has been stolen by a clown in the States and that the "ua" domain is now used for all sort of dubious things.

The interesting point, howerer, is that once you find sites with 'uncopyrighted' copies of teleport pro, chances are that you will be anle to find copies of other applications as well, often enough even related with your search arrows.

This means that if you use teleport pro as "bait", you'll probably fish a lot of internet-related application... if you use -- say -- paint shop pro, you'll find graphic... if you use as a bait a game you'll find other games, and so on... Let's mùake another step, let's imagine that our hispanohablantes friends in south America have a less oppressive copyright dictature than we have: "teleport pro" serial "ua" descargar
quod erat demonstrandum

Another approach. Let's imagine that a given university in Somalia (where there is no copyright legsilation) is interested in PDA applications. Do you think they could find them on the web, ready-chewed, without having to pay monety for them?

Well yes, they could, provided they would know how to search.
They could for instance take advantage of our russian friends' relaxed attitude vis à vis copyright :-)
"PowerCAD CE Professional" ".ru"

Books fishing

here cached

Images on the deep web

There is an incredible wealth of images on the web. Even using the usual main search engines you can gather an incredible amount of data. Try for instance a search for caravaggio and you'll immediately land on THOUSANDS of already indexed images.
The Web hosts billions (milliards) of images. How many is anybody's guess. Most seekers expect the total number of images on the Web to exceed 20 billions (milliards) during this year (2004). Only about 10% of these images are indexed by the images searching engines. You may spend a long time looking for the remaining 90%, and you are probably deemed to fail, unless you learn some of the tricks explained inter alia on my site.

I firmly believe that every picture, film, photo, sketch, drawing, logo, mosaic... in short every image that humanity has ever concocted - from the noblest to the most perverse sense of this verb - is already (end 2003) on the Web, somewhere, (so far as it has been published in the last 50 years on a media that could have been digitized, duh).
But do not take my word for it, try it out: upload an image scanned by yourself somewhere, let the web simmer for some months and search it again (you'll learn how to do it below): chances are you will find copies of it somewhere else.
Should any exception still being amiss, do not worry: it will land on the web as well, sooner than you may expect. See: whole pinacothecae (picture galleries) are going on line in this very moment: the complete works of some asian photographs, the Turner collection at Tate's, complete scanned comics of the fifties, the images archives of the Jornal do Algarve... you name it, your eyes will have it.

Copyright hassles

From a theoretical point of view, when citing Images and Pictures that you wish to use in your own papers or essays, you should cite the following elements:
  1. Artist's Name, if known
  2. Copyright's holder, if known
  3. Title of the image, if known (if not, use a description)
  4. Institution where held, if known.
  5. Title of article or book (if applicable)
  6. Author of article or book (if applicable)
  7. Title and Date of magazine (if applicable)
  8. Database name (if applicable)
  9. Date of access if online or publication if originally from print material URL (if applicable)
Clearly some of these requisites, and especially the second, seem (and actually have been) devised in order to stiff creativity.
A very siple solution to your images' copyright hasslesis the following. Let's imagine (right theoretically, he, I decline all responsabilities :-), that you badly need an image that may have a copyright owner somewhere (or may not, but let's just say you tried to contact him but failed).
In this case: 1) copy the image on your harddisk. 2) pass it from jpg format to another format and then back to jpg with another compression ratio and/or pass it trough a still image destreamer. 3) publish it on a free page provider somewhere on the web under a fake identity or through your cousin. 4) cite "in good faith" this site/person when you publish it on your essay.

Granted: such matters could possibly provoke some raising of eyebrows among the most copyright conscious corrupt politicians of ours. So you should better gain some basic knowledge of anonymity lore and password lore, just in case.

Indeed -and specifically in case of images- a further (albeit silly) problem is the growing ' copyright histeria' pervading our american masters and their local political lackeys. Suffice to say that you still can (at least in the European Union) fetch, use, stomp, burn, modify, alterate ANY image published on Internet provided that you respect some points: non profit use in the context of a creative work, and of course giving due credit.

You better harry up, though, as Richard and Cory will explain you better than I can this afternoon, all legal screws are being tightened in order to nail inside its coffin any spark of knowledge and creativity that should still happen to survive the "trendy" commercial perversion we have to endure.

Botticelli's Venus

It could be useful to examine in depth some of the arrow you could use to find images on the web.

arrows in the web-void   botticelli venus venere
starter botticelli venere e.g.: http://www.cavazza.it/arte/edmnv/botticelli/image1.jpg

better arrow:
http://images.google.com/images?as_q=botticelli+venere&svnum=10&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&btnG=Google+Search&as_epq=&as_oq=&as_eq=&imgsz=xxlarge&as_filetype=jpg&imgc=color&as_sitesearch=&safe=off e.g.: http://digilander.libero.it/debibliotheca/Arte/botticelli/page_01.htm
           "/boticelli/"  (Did you mean: "/botticelli/"  )
                                        boticelli.jpg web  17
        boticelli.jpg images 2      
                       botticelli.jpg web  208             
           botticelli.jpg images 27 
                                                                                                botticelli venus 41
         Tempera on canvas 172.5 x 278.5 cm   (66)
          172.5 x 278.5 cm   (102)
         Painted for the villa of Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco de' Medici at Castello 
         Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco
         Galleria degli Uffizi, 

Petit image

(c) 3rd Millennium: [fravia+], all rights reserved, reversed, revealed and reviled