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How to host
on free services
by Kane
Introduction (by fravia+)
Introduction (by Kane)
The problem
Before Uploading
File distribution
Link Obfuscation

Have slightly delicate files... will host

  Another nice small snippet by master seeker Kane. The elephant -in this filesharing room- is that we all know that all the "filesharing" services proliferate [Note 1] and survive just BECAUSE people download more and more "patently" illegal patented files (thus allowing these services to scrape money from obsessed download-junkies that don't know how easy -and generally very useful- it is to use good proxies and bypass their own limitations to the completely free downloading part... the one that keeps them afloat).
  So these sites' tongue-in-cheek "please by all means do tell us if we should remove this dubious file and we'll do it at once" bogus notes and fake warnings are just cheap sarcasm. Remove files they do, however, because lackeys of the patents holders clans and other assorted historical relicts really believe that it is their own duty to waste time trying to remove specific files from the web: a sisyphean task, absolutely effortful and futile, as all seekers jolly well know and as the ├╝berproliferating filesharing services prove ad abundantiam.

  The famous "Toothpaste back in the tube" dilemma, duh ====>

  Seekers don't care that much, well knowing that copyright does (or should) mean "the right to copy" and that once files of all kind have been digitised and uploaded anywhere, no matter where, on the web, they do happily "go forth and multiply" (and not in the sense of "f**k yourself", of course :-) and will always, again and again, emerge somewhere else with different names. Seekers have only the embarrass of the many choices available to retrieve them on the fly :-)

  The inherent contradiction, the real oxymoron, of the doomed society (and of the powers that be) that we all still must endure (alas) is that on one side they always cry high misery because their holy commercial monopoles are violated or wounded (mp3s, avis, books etc.) while -on the other- they happily create thousands of petty little companies PROFITING COMMERCIALLY from these very violations, scrapping money from any spitting pot, like all filesharing services do. And please don't even let me getting started about the many other web-examples that anyone can see, like disgusting email spamming, repulsive MS-software patents or the loathsome omni-pervasive heavy pornography that pollutes all web searches and is mostly due to the billion commercial companies that profit from utter ignorance (and obvious sub-human searching capacities) of the much too many useless zombies that unfortunately continue to inhabit our planet.

  And God said, "Let the protocols bring forth swarms of different files, and let all avis (and mp3s) flow freely above the web across the firmaments of the ftps."
 So God created all the great repositories, and the huge blind databases and every existing file that anyone can easily collect, with which the hardisks filled, and even burst outward, according to their kinds, and not only every music was gathered, according to its kind, but any poor student in any far away poor land could now study using at no monetary cost a free virtual library as good and mighty as those that previously existed only in the lands of the powers that be. And God saw that it was good. Urca! Woah!
 And God blessed them files, saying, "Be fruitful and multiply and fill the web in the depths, and let knowledge flow freely and let all works that have been digitised multiply on the earth once for all, despite the preposterous claims of the beastly commercial patent holders"
    a sisyphean task, absolutely effortful and futile    
Remove a file once published on the web? A sisyphean task, absolutely effortful and futile

How to Host Files on Free Services
by ~S~ Kane, March 2009

How to Host Files on Free Services

by kane on Mar.04, 2009, published under File Hosting


We all know the problems. You spend time uploading a file somewhere, post it on the web and within minutes/hours the file has disappeared with a breach of the hoster’s terms of service. This is a small guide to keeping your files online longer and keeping your downloaders happy.

The Problem

Free hosting providers for files pretend that they are totally in agreement with anti-piracy laws. In reality their business model is entirely based around people uploading copyrighted content to their servers. They glean money from their advertising banners and subscription fees from users wishing to download mass amounts of files from them. The problem arises when someone complains about a file on their servers, normally either someone who represents the owner of the content uploaded or someone trolling a forum and is getting their kicks from having the files taken down. Unfortunately there is not a foolproof way to stop either, but you can hinder them both in varying degrees with a few simple steps.

Step 1 - Before Uploading

Before uploading your files, compress them with archiving software such as WinRAR or Winzip. Make sure to use a password (your nickname or some random word you like), this stops anyone finding your files anywhere but the site you posted them on, and they are thus unable to open them to see what’s inside. Secondly give the new files a name that is unrelated to the files you’re actually posting; for instance if you are uploading a file named “adobephotoshop.rar”, anyone who comes across that file anywhere on the web is going to have a good idea of what is inside that file and can complain to have it taken down on suspicion of pirated content. If on the other hand you renamed it ‘familyholidayphotos08.rar’ anyone coming across that file other than from where you posted it will think its uninteresting and pass it by.

Step 2 - File Distribution

Use a file distribution service to upload your files to. Sharebee, lets you upload your file once to its servers, it then uploads that file to multiple other file servers giving much more varied choice to people who download your files. This stops downloaders complaining about you using <insert website here> and makes it much more difficult for people to get the file taken down as they then have to send emails to multiple sites. The only site I know of that has survived over time to do this is ShareBee, I’ll update this page when more appear.

Step 3 - Link Obfuscation

After uploading your file and getting the download link. Before posting it to a forum/website use url obfuscation. This stops file indexers putting your file on their services for anyone to easily find and also stops people searching the web for strings like this. It’s easy to do and takes seconds, just copy your download link to one of these services, paste it in, and you get a new link that you can post.

Author: Kane, March 2009, don't leech without due credit!

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 ! Notes

Note 1
Proliferate like there were no tomorrow! Have a look at the most visited sites on the web (Netcraft's "topsites") and you'll see that (March 2009) rapidshare occupies the astoundishing 14th place (and is thus one of the most trafficked non-google and non-US sites of the whole web) while Megaupload follows at the 28th place!
This kind of success of course stimulated and stimulates all the infinite copycatting fileshare services that have recently flooded the web.

Such developments not only bode well for anyone that wants to find digitized content but also clearly demonstrate how silly and petty are all attempts to put onto users the burden of lesa patentate culpability.
Who said that dealing in copyrighted stuff doesn't pay? :-)

A "market", this holy tenet and fetish of our societies, is after all nothing else than one (or more) individual demanding a good or a service and another (or more) individual willing to provide that very good or service. Which can be anything: a deadly weapon, a lethal drug, a body organ forcefully extraced from a third world kid, a young girl's body or a killing spree. Patented files are -if I might dare saying it- just a tiny minor drop of the chill awful commercial swamp where we are drowning.