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Version December 2003

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HOTBOT [Only 1397 results viewable]

Special syntax: domain:, linkdomain:, originurl:, title:
Examples:   title:searching

Offers FULL boolean searching. Now (unfortunately) owned by Lycos. Very large! Uses the Open Directory, Inktomi indexing services, but ranks results using "Direct Hit" algos data and it's own internal data. Its 'popularity' result engine is a mixed bless ("clicking" algo: the more people click on your site the more it weights). Moreover it seems to give a lot of weight to older pages. Note the "Search within these results" option!
Try the VERY POWERFUL advanced options: [Hotbot advanced search form]
Powerful filtering capacities:
Powerful result-parsing capacities:"
Customize hotbot
Indexing service: Inktomi Spider: Slurp. Apart from Hotbot, Aol, Snap and MSN, Inktomi serves also private databases with its spider.

Nemo's preferences for Hotbot:
Although HotBot's paid results on SERPs, HotBot has a rich (and sometimes unique:) filters which let you get ride of most commercial crap.
Some pages we are trying to find have a hard edge: they must have to have a box where you can put your search query. In HTML language this means that the page must have a form and HotBot is the only search engine that lets you search for pages containing forms. The syntax is feature:form.
HotBot has other powerful advanced filters which let you pinpoint precisely what you want, among them: domain search, region search, language search, words to include and words to exclude.
I'll show you some exemples of how to use it. Lets search for resources on portuguese laws. In order to do that you can use the following queries on HotBot:

Filters used:
  • Language: Portuguese
  • Domain: pt
  • Region: Europe
  • Any of the Words, Anywhere in the Page: lei leis ("law" & "laws" in portuguese)
  • None of the Words, Anywhere in the Page: murphy Kirchhoff (some false positives)

In your case change the fields Language:, Domain:, Region: and Any of the Words, Anywhere in the Page: to the ones that better describe your needs.

Infortunatly HotBot let's you use 'Any of the Words, Anywhere in the Page' only once, that why I have to search for 'search', 'procurar', 'procure', 'pesquisar' and 'pesquisa' (these words are semantic sinonyms of 'search' in portuguese) in separated queries.

Here are some pointers to portuguese laws: lei/lista.html
http://cr3.cea.ucp. pt/leiciv/lista.html
If you want a more specific subject ask it! Lets say you want some information about laws relating to noise levels, all you have to do is replacing 'search' by 'ruido' ("noise" in portuguese):

+ruido +feature:form

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