Search Engine pitfalls and how to strike back ~
by Zarathustra


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February 2001, part of the [anti-advertisement lab]
Using our knowledge and the depth of the web to fight our commercial enemies
Zarathustra, a friend (at times) of Faulpelz, will show you below a simple yet incredibly effective idea to retaliate against a commercial site that dared annoy you. In fact the proposed solution is of almost perfect elegance: Of course the process of teaching knowledge to the commercial idiots -incidentally ruining them- may take a long time... this being always the case with all learning processes. Teachers and all kind of other Samaritans, like, us should have a lot of patience (and some good automated scripts). Enjoy! :-)
Search Engine pitfalls and how to strike back
by Zarathustra, February 2001
Slightly edited by fravia+

Whenever you search for something on the net sooner or later you have to check the results. Even if you are an advanced seeker, able to sieve out most traps you cannot avoid all lures that are setup purposely just to push some shrill popups/banners down your eyes.
Of course we use all our filters, proxies, firewall, HOSTS files and all other "magic pouch" tricks up our sleeves to avoid most of this crap, but sometimes this does not work 100% and we still have to look at ugly-colored commercial ads... often enough incredibly silly ("click on the moving monkey to win" "from which country does Scwarzenheidegger come from?" Man! Just their implied weltanschauung insults me a lot!).

Do we really want to live with this? Do we have to? I think NO! I believe that the eyes of a seekers are far too precious juwels and I am convinced they should NOT be sullied by such vulgar crap.

We must and we can strike back... How should we retaliate and punish the offenders?
Well, yes... this may work - sometimes - but not always... and for an accomplished ~Seeker~ it is just not 'elegant' to have to rely on such 'dubious' solutions.

I have devised another 'completely different' approach in order to solve this problem. An approach that has the added advantage of solving in most cases the problem forever.

I think now you understand the game I'm proposing you, so have fun and strike back wherever you feel you have to! Forward ~Seekers~ !

(c) by Zarathustra'2001

The magic pouch
With our black firewall shields
with our glistening browsers swords
with our magic pouch 
full of tricks to cast
beware us webmasters
out of our way, advertisers
bow down in worship very low
bow down before our singing hosts
and in our holy presence be lost
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