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Version September 2001
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Courtesy of fravia's [searchlore] & [searchlores]
Every seeker needs his trusted allinone form. A veritable searcher's "swiss knife", allinones can represent a "quick and dirty" solution for many a seeker's needs. Go ahead with the forms below. Once you have chosen the best configuration for your needs, you can craft your own, klebing it to your favourite sites, pages, hideouts. I present here some DIFFERENT approaches for building your own allinone forms. Study carefully the code (or if you are lazy just use them as they are, duh) modify it as much as you want, play with javascript (or whatever language they have been written in) and then give feedback and propose your own allinones!

Javascript allinones:   [Krok form]    [kwd form] (updated)    [Corto Maltese's form]

Form one: the Krok form (javascript in the body)
I have slightly modified this form, sent by a russian friend. As you will see perusing the code, it is quite easy to modify or add search engines ad libitum. The code uses some clever subroutines and you can add as many search engines as you like. Note also that keeping the javascript in the body (the form is document.writeln) will allow you to avoid any html-head interference problems, should you want to collect many different allinones for different purposes :-)
[Krok's code]
and find the following: 


Form two: the kwd form (javascript in the head)
As you will see perusing the code, this form uses a completely different approach: it is quite easy to modify or add search engines ad libitum, though. This approach allows a good finetuning for each search engine.
[kwd form]
[kwd's code]

An "italian student of civil engineering" took the time to update it (september 2001):

Northern Light

*** UPDATED ***

Ask Jeeves! (new directory for askjeeves.asp)
Infoseek (now by Go.com)
Lycos (new URL, but if you try to add its new input tag HotBot don't 
HotBot (new URL, but if you try to update its input tag it don't work)
DejaNews (now by Google)
WebCrawler (now it use Excite)
Savvy Search (now by CNET. NOTE: I had problems with Savvy Search but 
they solved themselves in a way that I wasn't able to reproduce)

*** ADDED ***

All The Web
AOL Search
Monster Crawler
Direct Hit
Virgilio (italian search engine based on categorized arguments, but if 
you try to add its input tag HotBot don't work)

*** REMOVED ***

Open Text

Form three: the corto maltese form (used at murchaderecho)
As it is this form is targeted to 'derecho hispanico', but, perusing its code, you'll easily be able to use it for your own allinones.
[corto maltese's form]

a lot to add... soon or later, what about stopping leeching and sending your own contributions?
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