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Ocean shipping may jolly well be "the biggest real-time datastreaming network in the world", yet as most of my readers probably know, it is not (by far) the only case where hopelessy incompetent people are happily taking wrong decisions around us (ever visited a bank?) nor it is the only case of incompetent people happily taking wrong decisions where when one digit of a number becomes wrong huge sums become lost (ever visited a bank?). That's the main rule for the commercial world around us, I am afraid: survival of the 'moronests'. Enjoy this good reality cracking ~ propaganda countering ~ seeking lores essay.
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Truth Searching: the Chechnya example
by -IPFreely
March 2000

As an enterprising young peasant, it was a real eye opener when I began hauling the global economy from a California port with my own trucking company. I was exposed to so many layers of lies between the dock unions, shipping companies, government, and the companies I contracted for. It was here that I learned the true nature of capitalism and the greed that fuels it. My searching for truth on the internet began at this time and I learned so much about these organisations that it made me sick. I sold most of my possessions including my business and now spend most of my time planning my escape from this country and searching for the truth about the world around me. It is amazing what truths can be uncovered when one decides to look. Before I get into the main focus of this essay, I'd like to make a note to the technologically advanced readers of this site. The containerised shipping industry has one of the biggest information technology systems in the economy today. It is my experience that the operators of these systems are poorly trained and the majority of people that I met in the shipping industry struck me as pretty low quality low intelligence people. When one digit of a number becomes wrong the load becomes lost. I have tried to deliver loads that were supposed to be delivered thousands of miles away and were only found when they got to the wrong place. It then takes forever to sort out, hint hint hint. Explore your world hehe. Wired magazine did a great piece on it:7.10-October 1999 []

As my searches began to uncover more and more hypocrisy and outright lies within the global corporate climate, I began to investigate the role of governments in all of this. Recently my attention has shifted toward the Russian genocide of the people of Chechnya and the cause of the western governments' suspicious silence about these matters. By investigating this situation on the internet it is possible for you to uncover the lies and vulgarity intrinsic in all the worlds "conflicts" during the last 20 years (and more if you keep digging). I would suggest trying to focus your own pursuit on the last 20 years so as to stay in touch with the present issues. By doing this you will begin to see through all of the crap that youve been fed by corporate media and will begin to see it as a giant exploitation by those with money that crave power. Far from being an 'urban legend' this matter of fact will emerge with great clarity, snippet after snippet. Try it for yourself if you don't believe me. Find a newspapers coverage of the Vietnam war (any western newspaper will do, there are NO exception to the "lies, lies and even more lies just in case" rule).
Thousands and thousands of innocent people become the chess pawns in this disgusting game of monopoly.
Once more, dont just take my word for it however: I'll use here the war in Chechenya as a "springboard" but you may yourself begin your own journey for truth beneath the hollow layer of all these "dot com" mania. May suggestion is to use this site to sharpen your searching skills, and learn evaluate the world from many different perspectives.

The following examples contain topics to look for that will yield many gems for our reversing work. What is most interesting - and striking - however, are the voices that are absent. They are the ones working "behind the scenes" and evaluating how to influence the battle for their own benefit. These silent voices turn up the heat of carnage.

  • The Chechens do some reversing.
    "Battered rebels flee ruined Grozny Chechen fighters are beaten back but remain unbowed, The Times (01 Feb 2000)"
    Janine di Giovanni fails to mention the 'battered' Russians whose '20 losses a day' bodies will soon be shown on insha-Allah web-sites. She uses the term 'flee' which is used for cowards, and fails to mention that in some occasions the Russians have 'fled' at such speed that they even leaved wounded soldiers behind. She says 'beaten back' but fails to remember that the Russian force (ten times their adversaries number) was held two weeks during the "Minutka Square" battle. Finally, she ends with 'unbowed', failing to understand that the Mujahideen do not and will not bow down to anyone except Allah.
    Moreover history loves to repeat itself again and again, and August 1996 is not a past-forgotten date. In that month 1500 Mujahideen surrounded 10,000 Russian demoralized soldiers, in Grozny, and won the last war.

  • "I found his style refreshing and open and his priorities ones that we share." British Foreign Minister Robin Cook speaking about the Russian premier Vladimir Putin, Moscow, 23 February 2000
  • NOTE that Russia has been receiving enormous amounts of money from the NATO governments during this war.

  • International human rights groups are stepping up their criticism of alleged atrocities committed by Russian troops in Chechnya. The French ngos Medecins sans frontieres and Doctors of the World (Medicins du Monde) have denounced "massive and systematic war crimes". The New York-based Human Rights Watch has published the names of 50 civilians killed this month in what it calls "a pattern of summary executions" in the Chechen capital, Grozny. V-O-A's Peter Heinlein visited Grozny and reports that evidence of large-scale killing and looting is not hard to find.
  • Hmmm and where is the United States' rhetoric and support like that which was displayed for Kuwait and ethnic Albanians? A search into the war on Iraq will reveal that the US set up the whole thing in order to gain control over the region's oil. In this situation the U.S. government has a different agenda and therefore it pays to keep low profile vis-a-vis the Russians. Not that the United States have much Authority to say anything on these matters anyway: the US have been convicted of war crimes of their own by many international tribunals but you wont know, nor find this truth out, until you dig a lot.
    But once you dig you'll find, and what you'll find out is -at least for me - utterly amazing. And I'm not speaking about propaganda sites or kiddies with "urban legend"-style conspiration theories.
    There are many well documented reports written by scholars from all over ther world that have published on the internet. They tend to support all of their findings with facts and even provide cross referencing in many cases. The truth is out there.

  • The typical Russian snow job.
    Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov accused the West on Thursday of waging an information war against Moscow over its military campaign in breakaway Chechnya. Ivanov said Western media had shown only one side of the situation in the region, misleading public opinion. ''Ninety percent of Chechen territory has been freed from terrorists. Life is returning to normal there. Sowing (for a new harvest) is underway,'' he said. ''Life is difficult, but it is being restored. One should talk about this, not about civilian deaths.''
  • You'll find this kind of thetoric all over the wars. "returning to normal", "life being restored". Same assertions during the US napalm bombings in Vietnam, the NATO "strafexpeditions" in Yugoslavija, the government instigated riots in many South-East Asian countries.
    You can bet that if China bombs Taiwan next week, life will be soon "return to normal" there too.
    Yet after having see the pictures of what is left in these places, this kind of statements are not only worthless, they are cynical, or may be sarcastic.

For pictures of death and destruction (a picture is worth a thousand words, eh) that you will not see on regular censorted media, you will have to hunt and dig. I have found that there are many archives of images but they have to be brought to the surface using your searchers' skills. Here is an example of one that I have found on
"This section contains photographs taken by the foreign Mujahideen in Chechnya during their operations against the Russian Army"
You will need to use the keywords from this phrase (or the whole phrase) in order to bring the images to the surface. By using "one sided perspectives" that you have gained from your earlier searches, you may easily come up with an idea of what their descriptions might be.
Another way is to try to guess filenames (such as LINK:mujahideen.jpg or deadivan.jpg) etc. Upon finding images, you should always view the source to see if they are hosted locally or if they are being pulled from another address. Sometimes you can score a whole database this way.
Also back up the local url and see if you can get an index listing of the images file. If they dont have a default index page for it then you hit payload and can see all the files they have, available for viewing. Remember that searching is not (yet :-) an exact science. I found the above archive on one of my digs, however I cant seem to find it again by just using my preferite enginew (I have found many other related things, though).
I instead had to search my browser history to verify that it is still there. Im not going to post the url because these pages may have moved by the time you read this and they are worth finding on your own. They even have small movies of their combat actions. I am confident that they will be findable in one place or another by using this sites techniques and following your leads.

Just as a psychic summons the spirits to see into a crystal ball, a searcher uses qualifiers to see into the crystal box. Propaganda reversing is an excellent example of why qualifiers are so important to the searcher. By determing one sides perspective we can give the keywords a positive or negative value based on whether we want to filter out one side while allowing a better selection of the other sides' voices to surface or vice versa. For instance, lets say we are trying to find some of Russia's propaganda sites. In that case we would add a + sign before the keywords +terrorists, and +"apartment bombs" and at the same time, to filter out the chechen side we would add a negative sign to their key words -jihad, <-"holy war" etc. You dig it.
Our first querystring might look like this
grozny chechnya +terrorist +"apartment bombings" -"holy war" -allah.

As you can see it is important to work various angles with your qualifiers to summon the best references to the surface. A logically planned search can rip through all the garbage and get you what you want a lot faster. I happen to be one that appreciates the internet for its audio and video display capabilities. There are many tricks to find linked file content and they can be learned by reading other essays on this site. I encourage you to seek 'photo galleries' of these wars. It is easy to turn your back when its not local but when you see for yourself the fresh corpses it is easy to realize that it could be you or someone you know. The same trick is used on tv to 'mobilize' people against the baddies, but here, where you dig on your own and FIND OUT on your own, and decide alone which parameter you use (so you are guided by your brain and seekers' instinct and capacities) the matter is different. You may be fooled as well, granted, but it will be MUCH more difficoult: see you are accessing "raw" information that you are NOT even "supposed" to see. That's the magic of the web, and while this can lead to targeted disinformation campaigns as well (of course) it gives a true seeker (which is what you are supposed to be) a formidable weapon against the powers that be: some small sparkling snippets of truth.

For once the dead corpses you will find will matter for you, not for the power brokers. As you know, with some exceptions that only confirm this well-knownw rule, most politicians in our commercial society are owned by business forces, so seek the truth and find on your own (and denounce) these "corporate sponsored" crimes against humanity.


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