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Reality Cracking
Pilfered by fravia+ on the wide wide web on 15 July 1998

Well, I felt necessary to add this small 'marvel' to our reality cracking section, it's a extremely intelligent reality cracking essay (or rather 'reality cracking tool' :-) that you could find until some time ago, in its original version, at Yet the subject is so fascinating that I decided to host my local copy of it (with images!) on my own site! Yes, liberate billboards (keep in mind that we are not paid -far from it- for being compelled to slurp all the visual garbage they throw at us everywhere!) Enjoy this essay and have fun! :-)

Adding the Blemish of Truth

Billboard Buster Mark II

With a little ingenuity, some hammering and sawing in the workshop, and a free evening or two, it isn't difficult to liberate a billboard. Watch the image (right) to find out how to make your own Billboard Buster -- perfect for putting the blemish of truth on those impossibly perfect complexions.

See on the right for some ideas on how to use your new toy...

Here are a few ideas for your first liberations:

  • Case of acne: Retouchers remove the blemishes on model's faces in order to create billboard people. The BB MK 1 and the Oil Stick Detoucher seemed ideal for reintroducing the blemishes. By adding acne spots we could turn billboard person who flogs products into real person who couldn't sell a thing.

  • Zombie eyes: Simply restoring people to normality seemed rather tame, so we came up with some other ideas. Two quick bursts of white aimed at the center of the eyes would turn a billboard person into a zombie from Children of the Damned or Night of the Living Dead.
Rebels Without A Lung

  • Trickle of blood: A blast of dark red spray paint aimed at the corner of the mouth and allowed to run would make a billboard person look really sick. It would suggest an unfashionable trauma, a distasteful disease, or a nasty bite.

  • Hitlerizing: Adding a quick Hitler mustache could easily undo the advertising image of an actual person, such as a politician. Because it would suggest the person held fascist views, we thought we should save it for those who belong to the far right.

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