The art of information searching
on today's Internet

fravia @ Paris, Ecole polytechnique, 6 February 2001

Published at searchlores in March 2001


Out there, on the web, somewhere: different laws, alien approaches, original methods, unique tactics, new solutions, proposals you would never have thought of in order to solve your local (& probably provincial) problem.
paris1.htm: How to search: The structure of the web -why should you care?

The main search engines: Altavista quirks
How search engines work and the commercial clowns spam them
paris2.htm: Altavista quirks: a look in depth at Altavista
You smear traces everywhere
Anonymity matters and efficient tools
paris3.htm: Relative anonymity is better than nothing (hiding in the crevices of the system)
Searchers after forbidden knowledge haunt strange, far places, beneath the scattered servers of forgotten sites
The information mass is overwhelming. To avoid drowning in the vast sea, anyone navigating the web needs to know how to use the available tools and techniques.
paris4.htm: Searching, combing, klebing, luring, hacking... and stalking :-)
The importance of subsidiarity and 'micro-searching' for seekers
paris5.htm: Where else to look: local / regional / usenet / webrings, netcraft and other search tricks

The importance of reverse engineering for seekers
paris6.htm: Reversing algos, reversing software, reversing reality