fravia @ Milan, Linux Day, 20 October 2000

11.00 - 12.30: Richard Stallman:
The free software movement and the GNU/Linux operating system
14.00 - 15.00: fravia+:
The art of information searching for the open culture aera
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Linux day

The art of information searching
for the open culture aera

Linux day, but I wont speak much about Linux
linot.htm: A workshop about searching in Milan

A deep and uncharted web: the volume of information instantly accessible to you is so massive as to be (almost) incomprehensible.
mi_growt.htm: The growth of the web

Few people know how to search, and even less know how to find what they have searched for
Understanding how the web looks like is of paramount importance for a seeker
mi_struc.htm: The structure of the web

Searchers after forbidden knowledge haunt strange, far places, beneath the scattered servers of forgotten sites
The information mass is overwhelming. To avoid drowning in the vast sea, anyone navigating the web needs to know how to use the available tools and techniques.
milan3.htm: Searching, combing, klebing, luring, hacking

The "largest" search engines cover (at best) only a tiny part of the web. Moreover they DO NOT index the most interesting parts of the web: they index commercial over educational sites, US sites over European sites and 'popular' sites (read sites loved by the zombies) over relatively unknown sites
milan4.htm: The main search engines, differences & tricks

The importance of subsidiarity and 'micro-searching' for seekers
milan5.htm: where else to look: Usenet / local / regional

The importance of software reverse engineering and hacking techniques for seekers
milan6.htm: Reversing algos, reversing software, reversing reality
When searching everything boils down to evaluation, zen-guessing, reversing and "nose"...

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