further observations on advert.dll
by Green Newbie

here is what my observations of how advert.dll works and what it does so far:

tonite I started my News Shark before I fired AtGuard up and
observed the creation of a folder named amc inside
C:\Windows The folder is where
all the gif ads. here are the offending places sending the ads:

www.amazon.com kansas.valueclick.com www.cdnow.com www.teknosurf3.com
offline.adsoffware.com adsoffware.com aim1.adsoftware.com and

I started adding all those places to my Hosts file,
but the ads continued appearing. then i suddently remembered the trick
to make a 0 (zero) bites file called amc with
NO EXTENTIONS -that's important - and I placed that file inside
C:\Windows. That worked and the ads stopped coming down.
Apperantly the stupid advert.dll
(you can find it inside C:\Windows\System\) which
is responsible for the ads will be trying to create that same folder with
the same name inside C:\Windows, but won't be able
to, he-he.
NOTE: do NOT try to mess with advert.dll,
that file is needed for News Shark to run.

Anyone care to add more info to this?...

P.S Sorry, my English is especially bad today.
Green Newbie