~ Introduction ~
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Version May 2006
~ Introduction to my farewell ~

This is in fieri and will change a lot.
Besides, don't take it too seriously, it's supposed to communicate some enthusiasm to readers :-)

Could you kindly describe us what "searching the web" represents for you , Fravia+?
Incredible power! It's like re-mounting the niagara falls upstream! Million of sites are being added every hour, everything moves, changes happen with a rapidity you cannot even measure. Sites disappear, whole directories sink below your horizont, the very links you followed inside the river vanish... the white wings of unforeseen links scatter your concentration...

And you EMERGE! You continue to follow your thread, despite all problems you have encountered the query is still alive! YOU FEEL the correct direction, your quarry went thattaway, you KNOW it! So you carry on, and you go upwards, upstream, your seeker's instinct thumping dull but loud in your ears. You jump over all web-cliffs, oblivious to the amazing speed of changing connections and paths. And you FIND what you were looking for, and you grasp it, cutting through millions of useless pudding sites, clear, bright seeker's swords glistening in your hands. And you will slay and crush all commercial beasts should they dare to confront or provoke
you, obstinate seeker, irreverent reverser, son of the light of knowledge.

Are you not being a little too lyrical about this stuff?
Yep, but searching is great fun isn't it?
a lot to add... soon or later
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