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(Courtesy of fravia's searching lores)

(`. A PHP reformater for the Palm .)

by Dolmen
(very slightly edited by fravia+)
published at searchlores in Mai 2001

A very interesting small PHP script by Dolmen, useful even for those that - like _Mammon - have their Palm 'superglued to the cradle' :-)

A PHP reformater for the Palm

I decided to buy a Palm the day I discovered the fabulous AvantGo application. It brings to the device the content of web sites updated at each synchronization.

AvantGo is basically a proxy that transform HTML 3.2 to a format suitable for a display on small devices. Here is the AvantGo architecture:

+--------+                   +----+                +-------------+                 +--------+
|  Palm  | - serial port --> | PC |  - Internet -> | AvantGo.com |  - Internet ->  | target |
+--------+                   +----+                +-------------+                 +--------+

For example I have the schedule of the 3 cinemas around to my home, the daily news from Le Monde, and computer news from ZDNet.

You can also add your own custom channels, if the target site has a simple layout built using HTML 3.2, without tables or frames. However, many cool news sites are not like that. My target in particular was HNS, which is not layout from a small screen as the Palm.

So it was time for me to build a bot that, at the AvantGo proxy request, will download the original page, extract the info, and give it to AvantGo formatted with a basic layout. My architecture just adds a layout between AvantGo.com and HNS: my PHP script.

        +-------------+                 +----------------+                +-----+
... --> | AvantGo.com |  - Internet ->  | PHP reformater |  - Internet -> | HNS |
        +-------------+                 +----------------+                +-----+

The code is below.


$f = fopen("http://www.net-security.org:80/", "r");
if (!$f) {
   echo "Error!";

$data = "";

while (!feof($f)) {
    $data = $data . fgets($f, 1024);

function intelligent_split($s, $pos, $a)
    // Use the code in comments to debug
    $i = 0;
    //echo "[ pos = $pos ]<BR>\r\n";
    //echo "[ sub = <TT>".htmlspecialchars($a[$i])."</TT> ]<BR>\r\n";
    $pos = strpos($s, $a[$i++], $pos);
    while ($i < count($a) && !is_string($pos)) {
	//echo "[ pos = $pos ]<BR>\r\n";
        $pos += strlen($a[$i-1]);
        $pos2 = strpos($s, $a[$i], $pos);
        //echo "[ sub = <TT>".htmlspecialchars($a[$i])."</TT> ]<BR>\r\n";
        if (is_string($pos2))
        $result[$i++] = substr($s, $pos, $pos2-$pos);
        $pos = $pos2;
    //echo "[ pos = $pos ]<BR>\r\n";
    //echo "[ pos2 = $pos2 ]<BR>\r\n";
    //echo "[ sub = <TT>".htmlspecialchars($a[$i])."</TT> ]<BR>\r\n";
    $result[0] = $pos;
    return $result;

 <META Name="HandheldFriendly" Content="True">
<H1 Align="center">H E L P &nbsp; N E T &nbsp; S E C U R I T Y</H1>
AvantGo version by <A HRef="mailto:dolmen@_nospam_.bigfoot.no2spam.com">Dolmen</A><BR>
Last update: <?php echo gmdate("M d Y, G:i") ?> GMT</CENTER>

$a = array(
    '<P><FONT SIZE="-1" FACE="Arial"><B>',                                    // $title
    '</B><BR><FONT SIZE="-2" FACE="Arial">by </FONT><FONT'."\n".'SIZE="-2" FACE="Arial"><a'."\n".'href="mailto:', // $email
    '"><FONT'."\n".'SIZE="-2" FACE="Arial"><B>',                              // $author
    '</A></B></FONT> <FONT SIZE="-2"'."\n".'FACE="Arial">',                   // $datestr
    '<BR><BR><font size="-1" face="arial, verdana">',                         // $text
    '</FONT><P><FONT SIZE="-1"'."\n".'FACE="Arial"><img'."\n".'src="http://net-security.org/images/news_divider.gif"</FONT></P>'

$pos = 0;
do {
    list($pos, $title, $email, $author, $datestr, $text) = intelligent_split($data, $pos, $a);
    if (!$pos)
    //echo "$pos<BR>\r\n";
    echo "<P>\n<B>$title</B><BR>\n";
    //echo "$email<BR>\r\n";
    //echo "$author<BR>\r\n";
    echo "$text\n";
} while (1);


This was my first useful (I use it every day) PHP script, let's hope it wont be the last.
Look at my other essay about Java bots!

Dolmen (dolmen*at*bigfoot*dot*com)
May 1st, 2001

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