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Archie & FTP
~ a first list ~
in fieri ~ published at fravia's searchlores in february 2000

Here you go: very useful tools for searchers! Enjoy!
Don't forget to check GBoyd's list as well!

Archie and FTP

Anonymous FTP Sites (tile.net/ftp)
Archie (UCSD InfoPath)
Archie Guide (SURANET)
ArchiePlex, Welcome to (Oxford LAS)
Archie Request Form (Rutgers)
Archie Services (NEXOR), List of WWW
ArosNet's Archie Gateway
EFF's (Extended) Guide to the Internet - FTP
fpArchie, the Windows 95 Archie Client
-- List of known public Archie and compatible servers (Frank Fesevur)
FTP (Beginners Central, Chapter IV)
The FTP Explorer Homepage

FTP Information (PEHP)
FTP Interface
FTP Search (Trondheim)
FTP Searches (Internet Now)
FTPSitez - Search Engine for FTP Sites
Internet Now: FTP Menu
IPL Ready Reference Collection: FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
Life on the Internet: FTP - File Transfer Protocol (Berit Erickson)
-- PBS Online Guide
Lycos FTP Search
Multimedia File Formats on the Internet - How to Download Files
(Allison Zhang)
Newbie-U's FTP Lab: Home of FTP 101
Why Connections Fail (Probe)

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